Sometimes the destinations are too much exciting and when we make a trip plan we cannot wait more to be already there and choose to go by plane in order to sit jus for a couple of hours and be there as soon as we can. But traveling is not just arriving immediately, it’s to enjoy every second of the trip we’re taking to reach our destination and this can be done by train. Railroads are often built on amazing landscapes and incredible lands, luckily, Europe is filled with railroads that are worth the look and the trip, so follow the read and don’t miss the best places to visit by train.

First of all, we have the great Glacier Express, in the beautiful country of Switzerland. This train is one of the most iconic and beautiful in the world. It covers the route that goes from Zermatt to Davos in an amount of time of 7 hours. Even when it might sound like a lot of time, the outstanding scenery will make you feel like time isn’t even passing. The Glacier Express is the slowest high-speed train in the whole continent an its route counts with over 290 bridges that helps the train make its way across the mountains.

Next up, we can find the Jacobite Steam Train. Even if you have never gotten up on this is one, you might have seen it before when you saw Harry Potter films. This Scottish train covers the route that goes from Fort William to Mallaig connecting a great part of the Scottish Western lands. It’s always nice to make a stop at Glenfinnan Station to admire the train’s passing through the Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct, an incredible structure that gives use postal worth pictures.

Now, on the Iberian Peninsula, we can find the great and beautiful Capital city of Lisbon. This city counts with a railroad that goes through the 25th April Bridge, an amazing road that resembles the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and connects the capital with the city of Almada. Another important attraction you will come across is a replica of the Cristo Rei statue located in Rio. This is one of the most amazing ways to gain access to Lisbon and also a great chance to take pictures of the Tajo River you are crossing.

Back at North, we can find the Norway Flam Railway. Not for nothing it is said that this railway is the best way to explore this country. It covers the route that goes from Flam, which gives name to the line, and the town of Myrdal. Colorful houses and incredibly white peaked mountains will catch your eye. Also, this line offers a connection to the line that reaches Oslo, so don’t miss a chance to visit the capitol.

Planes have their charm, but they’re way less charming than the outstanding treasures you could see by train. Explore Europe the best way possible and buy your train bill now!


Knowledge, philosophy and mythology, these are just few of the many incredible things that define one of the most awesome countries that exist, Greece. It’s the cradle of democracy and the foundation to many customs that live to this date in western civilization. But, history and ancient stuff is not the only thing that gives life to Greece, this country holds many of the most incredible landscapes and weather that make it one of the most visited countries by tourists in Europe. Already feeling the call to enjoy this mighty land? Then follow the read and see the best places to go.

Greece counts with hundreds of islands that will catch your eye. We can start with the gorgeous Patmos. Among its many wonders, we can find religion (it’s believed that the Revelations book was written here) and summer festivals, the International Film Festival takes place in July and the Religious Music Festival in August. Also, beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea embellish this already awesome island.

As summers are pretty popular, you might want to avoid crowded places. This is reachable if you get to visit Therasia. This little island near Santorini receives some tourists that arrive and leave the same day. It’s an amazing place to go hike and feel at peace among the few locals that inhabit the island. The Perivolas Hideaway, a guesthouse that suits well with the landscape is a great place to stay.

Our journey can continue to take place in Syros. This island has two beautiful settlements, the port city and capital Ermoupoli and the main village of Apano. This place is the host to incredible festivals such as the International Animation + Agora. It has incredible places to all tastes, from the Apollo Municipal Theater and the Avant Garden Restaurant for the classiest ones or many incredible beaches intended for the calmest ones.

It’s impossible to go to Greece without putting both feet on the capital, Athens. It’s one of the most incredible destinations not just because of its history. Today, Athens is recognized for being one of the cities with most cultural movement in the world. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center that holds the Greek National Opera and the National Library is filled with incredible events one after another. Other movements on the web have made neighborhoods like Plaka, Thiesio, Pangrati and the close to Acropolis Koukaki, even more famous than ever before.

Some other cities like Irakleio in the great island of Crete, offer you a lot of museums that work well with quick escapes from routine or go to Thessaloniki, a city full of night life, festivals and incredible historical places that hold Byzantine, Jewish and Ottoman eras. Also, you might want to add some of mythology to your trip by visiting Kythiria, home of pristine beaches, Venetian castles, and other beauties that will leave you without doubt that this is where Aphrodite was born.

Don’t think more and head to Greece for a vacation like no other!