We like traveling and enjoy that feeling of freedom that we have when we visit other places and live beautiful and exciting adventures, it is an experience really worth to be seen by everyone at least once in a lifetime.


We are usually attracted to exotic destinations, to places far from home with sights and culture very different to ours, it may be due the natural human curiosity and the search for knowledge that we all have, we are always learning, everyday, so traveling to unknown places fills both,  that human need and the need of our spirit to feel free enjoying amazing adventures.


Knowing French Polynesia


French Polynesia is set of 118 islands grouped in five archipelagos, it is an overseas country attached to France located in the South Pacific ocean halfway between California and Australia, this is a dreamed and exotic destination for many people, a paradisaic tropical place with the most beautiful beaches and landscapes, its water are crystal clear, there are vivid turquoise lagoons and awesome resorts to have the best vacations ever.


The five archipelagos that group the island of French Polynesia are:


  • Society Islands, is the most inhabited western group, includes the very famous Tahiti and the French Polynesia´s capital Papeete.
  • Tuamotu Islands, it is a central archipelago of coral reefs, Rangiroa is its outstanding island.
  • Marquesas Islands, is a northeastern archipelago near the ecuador.
  • Gambier Islands, in the south-east, this archipelago is rarely visited.
  • Austral Islands, it is a small southern archipelago.


What to do and see in this tropical paradise


You definitely must visit Tahiti, this is the iconic island of French Polynesia, you can buy the famous Tahitian black pearls, the perfect gift or souvenir for anyone, also, you must visit its waterfalls and over-water bungalows.


Go to Teahupoo and enjoy the magnificence of its mega surf wave, this is a place where, during season, appears one of the biggest surf waves of the world, a surfing paradise!.


Again in Tahiti, visit the Tahiti´s Roadless Peninsula, only accessible by boat, enjoy a hike, beautiful waterfalls, cliff jumping and more.


Since those are islands, you can enjoy amazing beaches, some of them with black sand, others with white sand, the water activities are fully available like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, in Bora Bora, for example you can practice some water sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing or tube towing in its lagoon, in Rangiroa you can see kayak, paddle boat rental, snorkeling and diving.


Visiting French Polynesia is a charming experience, you will taste its amazing cuisine, see their culture and get the best experience ever.